Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

With this Privacy Statement, Onlysalesjob agrees to respect and protect the personal details of its Users, in accordance with the Belgium law of 8th December 1992 on data protection, modified by the law of 11th December 1998. Onlysalesjob will under no circumstances communicate its Users' personal details to third parties without their explicit authorization. Please note that is Onlysalesjob's absolute priority to protect data and its use according to the wishes of its clients, members and visitors.

2. Collected and saved data

Onlysalesjob allows you to search for jobs without providing any personal information.

However, some areas do require personal details (surname, first name, address, email address, telephone number) in order to identify the User and to manage subscriptions. In any case, the User can decide if this information can be viewed by potential employers and/or recruiters.

Personal details collected will be used to:
  • send you job postings matching your profile (Email alert)
  • send you information about any new services and/or updates to the website, in particular by direct marketing
  • send your profile and/or CV to potential employers and/or recruiters.

In order to gather statistics and/or improve its services, Onlysalesjob may also collect certain (anonymous) data about your use of the website (e.g. pages visited, services used, time spent on the site etc.).

N.B.: You can at any time, without costs or any justification, object to the use of your personal details for direct marketing purposes by unsubscribing or by contacting us or by writing to Onlysalesjob SA/NV, Frankenstraat 79, 1040 Brussels Belgium.

3. Online CV

When you register with Online CV, your email address may be used to identify job postings that match your job profile (Email alert) and/or send you requests for information from potential employers and/or recruiters regarding your online CV.

There are different ways you can use the Online CV service
  • You can create favourite searches.
  • You can create agents (Email alert) to receive regular emails containing details of job postings that match the criteria that you have already defined in your favourite searches.
  • You can upload your CV. To do this, Onlysalesjob will ask you for your personal details in order to complete a profile (surname, first name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth and gender).
When you decide to create your profile, Onlysalesjob offers several options:
  • You can create a profile which employers and/or recruiters cannot see or access. In this case, you will only be able to use it to send your applications online. (inactive profile)
  • - You can create a profile which employers and/or recruiters can access via the CV database. (active profile)
  • You can create your profile, remove your personal details from it and make it accessible to employers and/or recruiters via the CV database. (anonymous active profile)

N.B.: Please be aware that Onlysalesjob will not accept any responsibility relating to the confidential use of your details by employers and/or recruiters if you decide to create an active profile. Unfortunately, Onlysalesjob cannot guarantee that third parties cannot access your personal details.

You have the right to access, modify and/or delete your personal details at any time. You can also deactivate (or delete) your CV so that it is no longer visible to employers and/or recruiters. However, if you like, it can remain available on your Profile so that you can attach it to your online applications.

4. Cookies

Onlysalesjob uses cookies to make using the website easier and faster. Cookies are small text files which are temporarily stored by your browser on your hard drive, and which are use to record information about you or about your use of the website. These cookies help us find your details from previous visits so that you do not have to re-key them. You can choose to enable or disable cookies at any time.

5. Data processing

In order to maintain its service, Onlysalesjob may send information to subcontractors in order to maintain certain services such as the hosting of web servers, data analysis, customer services and credit card payments. These subcontractors will have limited access to your personal details, and will not share this information with third parties.

6. Assesment candidate

We are refering to the privacy statement of Thoma's International on

7. Communication of our visitors to our contacts (Jobsite introduction & Social shares)

Our visitors have the opportunity to introduce our jobsite via our services. If a visitor is sending a communication of our services, we will list his name and email adress in the message. We dont have a view on the introductions/communications that are send. We don't keep the content of the emails send, we don't keep the mail adress of the contacts who received an introduction to our services, we don't send an automatic email to re-introduce our servies to the contacts who already received an introduction to our services. We use different technologies to check the emails adress and to try to avoid malicious links and reduce spamming. For security and privacy purposes, we recommend to every one who received an introduction to discover our jobsite, career opportunities or education possibilties to check if they know the sender.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can contact us or write to Onlysalesjob sa/nv, Frankenstraat 79, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.