HTML Web Designer - Anankei


Job Description

As an medior HTML Web Designer within the clients company, you are responsible for creating and adapting responsive html templates for their websites and other major Digital project deliveries based on their library of html elements. You work in an Agile team Frontend Developers, UI Designers, product owners, IT developers etc. An important part of your work will be related to the publishing activities, you will have to create maintain and update their web page using their CMS tool.

1.1. Daily integration tasks:

• Using the clients responsive HTML library;
• Creating, adapting and maintaining pages in their CMS (Magnolia).
• Propose creative pages within deadlines set and respecting PXS graphical web guidelines;
• Strictly controlling quality (testing multi devices) when delivering pages to business/or when publishing web pages in production;
• Having basic knowledge on the design tools (Photoshop)
• Collaboration in an agile team working together with product owner, back-end developers, business/IT analysts, UI designer, scrum master.

1.2. Job & Project implementation: 

• Understanding of business requirements;
• Brainstorming in close collaboration with Creative expert, Business Analyst, UI Designer, HTML Web Designers;
• Translating the strategies and concepts in creative and innovative layout, making sure they comply with our responsive library, branding rules and CMS constraints;



We’re looking for:

• HTML 5 & CSS3/SASS mastering;
• Good knowledge of JavaScript & Jquery/ Angular JS knowledge is a great plus;
• An interest in design (knowledge of photoshop);
• Ability to learn new things quickly;
• Adaptable to established best practices/workflow;
• Excellent comprehension and application of Responsive frameworks;
• Knowledge of CMS’s (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal…);
• Usability and ergonomics approach;
• Languages: English and Dutch or French.

You have strong interests in 

• Page composition;
• Web design trends;
• Web usability and ergonomics.

3. Personality/Values

• You are passionate about the possibilities offered by the Web, of which you are an experienced daily user who stays abreast of the latest innovations; 
• You are branding minded and able to respect guidelines;
• You are creative and able to sublimate branding guidelines in their web adaptation;
• You work in a very systematic, logical and meticulous way;
• You are a stickler for detail and quality and make sure your delivery is tested before validation;
• You spontaneously adopt an approach which takes into account the end-user's experience;
• Good communication skills are essential;
• You enjoy working in a team;
• You speak with impact and promote collaboration;
• You are stress-resistant.